Petit Bayonne

The district of Petit Bayonne is on the right bank of the Nive, it grew with the expansion of the city outside the walls, in the twelfth century. It has many narrow streets, some of which were channels in the Middle Ages. There are also some beautiful old houses on the banks of the Nive (see photo above). St. Andrew Church is recent, since it was built in the nineteenth century. Opposite the Chateau Neuf has two massive round towers. It was built at the end of the Hundred Years War by Charles VII to monitor the city. Bayonne Church St. Andrew is in the Petit Bayonne that are two interesting museums: the Basque Museum and Musee Bonnat. Museum Basque and Bayonne History is installed in a house in the late sixteenth century. It traces the history of the Basque Country and Bayonne and shows the different cultures and characteristics of Basque society.

Atelier du Chocolat - Discovery tour

  Serge Andrieu,

  Workshop designer chocolate bouquet


  The best way toappreciate the subtlety of chocolate, is the tasting. 

  Yet this beautiful product also deserves to be interested in its history and its secrets. 

  Hence our discovery tour.




   Sea Museum - AQUARIUM







  Chocolate Museum - Plan├Ęte Chocolat

  In a friendly atmosphere, come to discover subtle mixtures
  between wines and chocolate (1h30)