• AIAI 2015 - 11th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations

  • September 14th-17th 2015, Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne (France)

  • Paper submission deadline: April 26th 2015

  • http://aiai2015.sigappfr.org


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We are proud to list here the best three papers of AIAI 2015, selected according to the reviews and presentation quality:


Optimization of Scheduling and Operation in Smart Homes using CPSO

by Jiawei Zhu, Fabrice Lauri, AbderrafiaaKoukam and Vincent Hilaire


Edit Training Sets fromImbalanced Data UsingFuzzy-Rough Sets

Do Van Nguyen, KeisukeOgawa, Kazunori Matsumoto and Masayuki Hashimoto

 A PracticalApproach for Energy Efficient Scheduling in MulticoreEnvironments
combiningEvolutionary and YDS AlgorithmswithFasterEnergy Estimation

by ZoranaBankovic, UmerLiqat and Pedro Lopez-Garcia